In The Beginning, Love

by Samuel Martinez on February 11, 2021

In The Beginning, Love

Please begin this Article Series by reading Get is Love.

Since God is love and in the beginning there was God, then everything starts with love. In the beginning God (Who is love) created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).  Everything God ever made or will ever make will be a result of His love. Every creative act in Genesis chapter 1 was due to His love for man that He was about to create. All things were made by love, and without love was not anything made that was made (John 1:3). 

Before we can ask and believe God for anything, we must believe that He loves us. It is impossible to have faith in someone that I am not convinced loves me. Before we can ask God for healing, we must believe that He loves us and wants us well as we love our children and want them well. Before we can believe God for provision, we must believe that He loves us and desires, as any good father, that we live well. To not have a developed consciousness of God's love is to be sin conscious and be condemnation minded. Both hinder us from coming boldly to the throne of grace. So before beginning to believe God for healing, provision or anything, ask yourself the question, "Am I convinced that God loves me?" If not, spend time feeding yourself on the verses in the end of each article. Feed them into your spirit and begin to declare daily, "Thank you Father for loving me."

In the beginning was also the Word of love (John 1:1) -- God's Word. And the Word (of love) was with God and Word (of love) was God (John 1:1). God and His Word are One. The Word of God, the Bible, was written to reveal His love to us. That is why it is the Word of love. The Bible was not written to prove His existence but reveal His essence. The Lord is the essence of mercy and truth...Psalm 25:10 (Harrison translation). We must learn to read the Bible correctly. It is not a lengthy list of do's and don'ts. It is God speaking to us as a loving Father (Who knows best) what to avoid and what to do in order to enjoy all the good He has provided for us. He loves you.


My Heavenly Father loves me.
He is the essence of mercy and love.
He desires only good for me.